Spam Marketing 1.0

Sep 23, '07


I received an email notification about a new CMS.

Not another joomla or wordpress, it’s a simple service allowing to create and edit pieces of formatted text to paste into webpages easily. It surely is a useful service with a great idea behind. Probably it’s going to fly, but I just didn’t like the way it’s taking off. It was plain email spam because I never subscribed to their mailing list. One person commented about that and they responded with a message like “send email to feedback@domain and we’ll unsubscribe you”. Hmm… questionable marketing practice in the world of spammers starting getting into jail.

There are better ways to promote your products. No matter how good they are you can’t just rush into one’s inbox being sure it’s going to be appreciated. Even myspace spam is more tolerable than a good old unsolicited “great news” email. Shame on you.

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