RSS to email

Oct 10, '07

A lot of internet companies adopted blogging systems for news/press purposes, and a lot of internet users learned how to read RSS. This is the new, truly democratic way of syndicating and personalizing content.

The problem is that effective volumes of internet users still don’t know (or don’t want to learn) how to use new technologies. That is why direct email marketing is still relevant and is going to kick long years forward. Nothing can in visible future fully replace news delivery right to one’s inbox regardless of the curvy roads it walks – obscure SPAM/not-SPAM definition.

This leads us to the idea that one of the most useful services around the RSS phenomena nowadays is RSS to email delivery. A lot of users appreciate old and familiar newsletter subscription form instead of learning what the heck to do with your feed URL and how to use RSS readers. This is crucial to remember if your business depends on those not tech savvy. I’m speaking of old timers – usually a very purchase-driven audience.

When reviewing several RSS-to-email services I found r|mail. It does what it supposed to do right on the homepage in the best manner of Web 2.0 services. This very post is to test their delivery ;)

Oct 12 update: No email from rmail. :( Trying out other services.

Oct 15 update: This time it’s great with rssfwd. Feel free to check this service. We’re putting this to skalfa.com index page with the nearest site update.

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