People you spend time with

May 20, '11


Jim Rohn:

You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

What an irresponsible statement. Or a scary fact for that matter.

That said, if some ground points of contact are not met the chemistry just won’t work. I mean sense of humor, basic interests, moral principles, etc. But John probably comes from most people not liking opposite opinions about sensitive topics. Homophily at its worst. Sadly, it may be true for most people.

This pattern should degrade quickly with extending relationships and understanding how people benefit from them.

For example, Yulka spends time with some friends who think she’s a listening booth. She definitely is not and doesn’t want to be one. It’s all about her ability to support; so outstanding in fact that some otherwise conscious people think it’s complaining time. But she values those because of other, profound benefits of hanging out together.

I believe in productive relationship between opposites and complementing each other in family and friendship relationships. It’s really difficult to find people more different than me and Yulka.

So what if you are just unlike people you spend time with? Do your peers value you for being different? Does feeling lonely have to automatically turn on?

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