In his own words:

The big problem will become quite apparent that there’s no noise control [in Google+]. Yes, this is what made FriendFeed, Google Buzz, and other systems seem lame and why Facebook continues to be more interesting to most people in the world.

Respectfully disagree. Facebook most cleverly (of what I’ve ever seen) takes advantage of network effects. It grips a person with its tentacles of friends, tags, invites, friend suggestions and bashes their head at the entrance door until it hangs open. It only tightens the grip once in – the more people you have in Facebook the more you are attracted to it. And there’s basically no exit door. Look how many people admit to have love/hate relationship with Facebook – it’s like smoking.

Noise filter in Facebook comes at a cost of employing algorithms that people don’t understand. I argue this is a no-no for social software, at least at this stage. Facebook can get away with it for all other things it does best of the crowd.

Noise makes people miss content not abandon the venue. Otherwise Twitter wouldn’t ever make it. Robert, there are still people reading their Twitter streams, you know.

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