Oxwall 1.2

Jul 30, '11


Oxwall 1.2 is finally out and looks like a lot of people experienced upgrade problems.

One of the big objectives we set for ourselves was making upgrades ridiculously simple. We laid out upgrade strategy to our development plan and two weeks later WordPress introduced similar upgrade routine. Ours always worked better but not this time.

Oxwall is very young and still has child diseases. We still sort out early releases problems, have to release big bundles of joint core+plugin updates, etc. Those problems will go away within several substantial releases once core and plugins are less dependent. That is why we are still in a very centralized development mode not really investing in developer ecosystem. That is bound to change at the appropriate time but not now.

There’s also that 80/20 strategy that we will employ from now on. Having achieved initial stage of function suffiency that allows people run real websites, we will now focus 80% of our time to tweak, optimize, enhance existing functionality and only 20% to developing new features. Our upcoming roadmap announcement will reflect that.

Let’s see where this journey takes us and you.

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