Steve Jobs resigned. Listen how that sounds.

When the news hit the ground the web understandably got full of Jobs and Apple trivia, romantic stories about early tough days and the current Apple greatness. I’m as hard an Apple fan as the next guy, so I, too, read some of those.

One of the remarkable ones was from Vic Gundotra, Icon Ambulance.

While the story is beautiful and touching, it and the likes without context are dangerous for aspiring entrepreneurs and struggling companies. People tend to start with easy things never really doing the hard ones.

Apple became great because Steve Jobs has system thinking, design taste, vision for future, and high standards of quality. It’s integrity that can’t be imitated. Also he did an awful lot of work and demanded the same from other people constantly to achieve this kind of success.

I’m afraid that story gives a bad perspective. Steve Jobs definitely doesn’t review icons all day long. Delegation is one thing that a successful leader must master. It’s important not to confuse attention to detail with micromanagement.

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