Sep 12, '07


red_logo.jpgCool service. What I find especially cool about it is that it allows to do nothing and still benefit. You download a desktop application spying your musical tracks being played and telling the service about them. So, last.fm knows what you listen to and dares suggest something new as well as connect you with other members.

Personally, I only use it as a log of what I listen to. Putting a widget on this blog was really easy and now I have a self-refreshing playlist watch for those interested. For a busy(lazy?) type such as myself it’s really a turn-on. How do you guys use last.fm?

On the business side of things it’s a really smart idea to help people benefit without any noticeable time/emotion commitment from their side. This is very important in today’s chaos of websites trying to win your attention and time. Also, it deals with music, something of the very few things that youngsters are ready to pay for. Thus an affiliate deal with a CD-selling third party really changes financial situation for a company of a last.fm scale. Keep up the good work guys!

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