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Email address giveup

Oct 29, '07


I officially announce that I give up using skald@inbox.ru email address. Feel free to use a bunch of others.

Autoindenting in gVim

Oct 18, '07


You will laugh but being CEO, I often edit HTML code myself in good old vim (actually gVim, a Windows version) when building up sketches or changing production website pages.

Today I finally made myself research how to configure that mad gVim autoindenting when editing files. After looking it up in Google, I found how to remove the autoindenting at all. But that wasn’t exactly what I was seeking. Autoindening feature in Vim is ok, it just has insane shiftwidth, like 8 characters. At the point of giving up I actually RTFM and in usr_30.txt of the manual I found how to change it. For that you need to have a line like this:

set autoindent shiftwidth=2

in your vimrc file.

Now I’ll stop deleting all the extra tabs every time I go new line. Now that I defeated this fatal, very personal mental defect, I’m going to become a calm and sociable person, promise.


Actually I’ve seen the movie before but I just remembered how great it was. An example of a desperate human being in total possession of their talent. Not really able to exist within the society bounds. Although delicately exaggerated, this is personage-pattern of the most genius people ever lived on the planet.

The feeling of dirty medieval France is thrilling. No romanticism but real-life co-existence of the noble and the poor. The irony is that this kind of approach is more engaging nowadays, instead of already irrelevant tourist-booklet-like sketched vision that old books are full of.

I suspect I’d better read the book also, it usually opens up great dimensions and details that are crumpled in a usual movie script. Even good screenings suffer from that, I don’t even speak about those screwing up the book versions. This screening is great as I see it, thus I’m putting the book on my dusty to-read list.

RSS to email

Oct 10, '07

A lot of internet companies adopted blogging systems for news/press purposes, and a lot of internet users learned how to read RSS. This is the new, truly democratic way of syndicating and personalizing content.

The problem is that effective volumes of internet users still don’t know (or don’t want to learn) how to use new technologies. That is why direct email marketing is still relevant and is going to kick long years forward. Nothing can in visible future fully replace news delivery right to one’s inbox regardless of the curvy roads it walks – obscure SPAM/not-SPAM definition.

This leads us to the idea that one of the most useful services around the RSS phenomena nowadays is RSS to email delivery. A lot of users appreciate old and familiar newsletter subscription form instead of learning what the heck to do with your feed URL and how to use RSS readers. This is crucial to remember if your business depends on those not tech savvy. I’m speaking of old timers – usually a very purchase-driven audience.

When reviewing several RSS-to-email services I found r|mail. It does what it supposed to do right on the homepage in the best manner of Web 2.0 services. This very post is to test their delivery ;)

Oct 12 update: No email from rmail. :( Trying out other services.

Oct 15 update: This time it’s great with rssfwd. Feel free to check this service. We’re putting this to skalfa.com index page with the nearest site update.

ICQ change

Oct 8, '07


One day my ICQ stopped logging in with “password mismatch” message. No compromise, I don’t own my old ICQ account any more, at least temporarily.

After numerous unsuccessful attempts to reset my password at icq.com I gave up. This basic feature doesn’t work on the site. Shame on you, my Israeli friends.

My new ICQ number is 472-839-077, feel free to update. I stopped struggling for my good old identity. I’m no more the one you thought I was. Pale shades on the time thread we are, and our lifes are even shorter than our memories.

cat.gifА мы занимаемся сведением дебютного альбома!

Что сказать, прослушав предварительный вариант, я стал в растерянности чесать репу. Одно дело, что звукорежиссер до этого никогда рок-музыку толком не писал, поэтому и там и сям всё пытался зализать гитары, “запластмассить” ритм-секцию. Другое дело, что даже на наше неопытное ухо сразу слышно большое количество, не побоюсь этого слова, дилетантских ошибок сведения. Например, явно разный уровень инструментов в соседних партиях; частый дисбаланс громкости; обработка на гитарах и вокале, время от времени превращающая всё в кашу; обрезанные коды во всех без исключения вещах. Игроки мы конечно те ещё, но смею утверждать, что наших косяков там гораздо меньше :) Начинаю писать многостраничный протокол исправлений. А закончить надо всё на этой неделе :(

Больше не хочется писать альбомы в Бишкеке, потому что грамотной звукорежиссуры и качества для записи рок-музыки здесь пока нет. Будем вылизывать до последнего…

Хочется сказать “вот дайте только сделать в квартире ремонт и оборудовать свою министудию”, но фиг его знает на самом деле. Хотя одно можно утверждать точно: дома можно писать до полного удовлетворения музыкантов своими партиями. А потом сводить до умопомрачения. Потом хоть вместе посмеяться можно. Сейчас пока не до смеха…