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Yulka 25

Jan 21, '08

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Happy birthday, my dear friend. You’ve already got your main present, right? ;)


Jan 17, '08

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Here’s the demo, features, and details of the new release:

Date: January 14, 2008.
Time: 11:03pm.
Height: 49cm.
Weight: 3124g.

The three of us are feeling great.

camera-501.jpg camera-502.jpg camera-503.jpg camera-504.jpg

With parents:
camera-499.jpg camera-500.jpg camera-507.jpg

Having a snack:
camera-505.jpg camera-506.jpg

Did you see those hands? They are a mini-copy of mine with real proportions. The guy’s going to do something with music:
camera-508.jpg camera-509.jpg camera-510.jpg camera-511.jpg

Welcome my son. Welcome to the machine.