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Feb 25, '08

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1192108444_c9549b3db0c0.jpgПод впечатлением от просмотра фильма “Двенадцать” Н. Михалкова.

В начале, читая титры с именами актеров, я немного удивился. Похоже, что Михалков пытался собрать весь цвет актеров России. Через 15 минут просмотра я понял, что весь фильм и пройдет в этом школьном спортзале, задействованном для заседания двенадцати присяжных. И тогда же я понял зачем нужны были такие актеры. Иначе ничего бы не вышло.

Фильм захватывает с фразы взволнованного Маковецкого “Все-таки какой-никакой, но человек. Надо хотя бы… поговорить.”

Разговор длится 2 часа, в результате чего практически единогласное мнение присяжных меняется на противоположное. Самое интересное именно в этом процессе, даже финальная интрига блекнет по сравнению с ним. Каждый из двенадцати человек рассказывает свою собственную жизненную историю. Сценарий силен настолько же, насколько и визитная карточка этого фильма – актерская игра.

Еще один шедевр Михалкова, всем смотреть.

I am legend

Feb 21, '08


i-am-legend-bigposter.jpg Yesterday I came across “I am legend” DVD. In general I found it an “ok” movie whatever it means.

Now Will Smith shows something more than his usual funny bad boys style character. Somebody mentioned that the plot concept was the same as in “I, Robot” with a lonely warrior (Will Smith) thinking he should correct the human race fatal mistakes.

The movie has a couple touching moments like Smith asphyxiating his dog or talking to a dummy. It also has a couple blunders like infected dogs not being able to jump over a narrow beam of sunlight and purely technical shortcomings like bad computer modeling of characters and car riding empty NY streets.

The original novel comes from 1954. That has its drawbacks but I appreciated no blatant totally-happy-end. I don’t seem to like how movies like this end at all. You can’t heal a cynic.

Yulka said Americans ask for it. Too many movies about cataclysms, fatal epidemic diseases, attacking aliens (or Russians), something threatening the whole world and their country, as the heart of it. Well, it’s a somewhat safe bet that Hollywood figured out. People watch it.

Apple Tablet PC

Feb 13, '08



I wonder what’s in it for Apple to persistently ignore Tablet PC market?

Macbook Air? People have mixed feelings about it because it introduces great trade-offs for arguably unnecessary benefit of putting your notebook into an envelope.

Instead, Apple could come up with a killer Tablet PC which people cry for on a lot of blogs. Could Apple test its super-thin approach with that Air thing for the upcoming Apple Tablet? At least patent was filed a while ago.

The same thing with Apple PDA. I believe iPod Touch is going to evolute in this kind of a gadget, it already is far beyond a portable music player.

Steve please allow me to pre-order Apple Tablet PC if such a thing is ever going to exist. I want it badly. Thanks.

P.S. Not to create any confusion, these images are sketched by a designer and called MacTab. Steve you can take this if you are not already preparing something better.


Feb 9, '08


2234436083_8c69e892eb_o.jpg I hope it never happens. I hope Microsoft is not going to swallow Yahoo. I clearly don’t care that MS is going to drain its resources by the acquisition and by the crusade to rewrite the whole Yahoo world in ASP.NET. I find it really sad that Yahoo is going to be killed.

One of the Internet pioneers, the only old giant still alive and making good products. Yes, it suffered from mismanagement by Terry Semel but hey, shit happens. They can survive it, I hope this hostile bid is also the case.

Folks get rid of your MSFT and YHOO stock if the transaction goes through.

New photos of Mark

Feb 7, '08

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