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I’ve always had awkward relationship with music on Mac since the inception. First of all, since day one I realized I’d like a simple, fast, and tiny music player instead of iTunes. David vs Goliath. Too bad it seemed that there just wasn’t one. I searched and couldn’t find anything matching the requirement.

So I listened to music using iTunes. It felt my pain and became even bigger and cumbersome with all these iPhone-related additions. Now iTunes is so much more than a music player so it’s not a music player any more.

I am not an active music listener at all. That is why I beared with iTunes for so long – it just gladly intensified my non-musical being. I’ve recorded music with GarageBand and Logic Express but I just hardly listened to music on my Mac at all.

Until yesterday when I said “fuck that”. I fired up Google search without too much hope and found Vox on VersionTracker. Looks like it just launched but already does the good job.

AleNofx revolutionized playing music on Mac OS X the way Apple itself revolutionized a lot of other things – with a simple and elegant solution.