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I’m moving to kaos.am

Blog redesign

Apr 17, '09


You can accuse me of being lazy to write anything worthy and will be right. After publishing my latest work in Russian I had no better things to tell you than that I grew tired of my old design and changed it to quite the contrast one.

Feel free to comment if you are one of the 5 people who might actually incidentally get here.

Back online

Sep 20, '08


Back online with this blog after several days of sinister downtime.

Flickr photos

Sep 18, '07

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Just added my Flickr photostream to the sidebar. Maybe it’s going to make me upload more pictures and do the same widget for Jebba.

Now you ended up reading another damn blog as if you had nothing better to do. Here I’ll write on various topics, both personal and business that do not fit Skalfa corporate blogs format. Let’s hope for the best about our short digital interference.