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Yulka’s Yamaha

Apr 17, '09


This is how it looks. It’s a pretty awesome instrument for recording and for occasional taking it with yourself.

Apple Tablet PC

Feb 13, '08



I wonder what’s in it for Apple to persistently ignore Tablet PC market?

Macbook Air? People have mixed feelings about it because it introduces great trade-offs for arguably unnecessary benefit of putting your notebook into an envelope.

Instead, Apple could come up with a killer Tablet PC which people cry for on a lot of blogs. Could Apple test its super-thin approach with that Air thing for the upcoming Apple Tablet? At least patent was filed a while ago.

The same thing with Apple PDA. I believe iPod Touch is going to evolute in this kind of a gadget, it already is far beyond a portable music player.

Steve please allow me to pre-order Apple Tablet PC if such a thing is ever going to exist. I want it badly. Thanks.

P.S. Not to create any confusion, these images are sketched by a designer and called MacTab. Steve you can take this if you are not already preparing something better.


I have got the new shiny Mac for almost 3 weeks now. Please, bear my childish rumblings, this is the first Macintosh I put my dirty hands on.

2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
2GB 667 DDR2 – 2x1GB SO-DIMMs
160GB Serial ATA Drive @ 7200 rpm
MacBook Pro 17-inch Widescreen Display
Logic Express preinstalled

I just tried to assemble the most powerful machine of what was in stock at that time. Plus I purchased Logic Express for music recording (more about that later).

Right from the start when you see the shining black paper pack, everything apple starts shouting at you “‘Sup kid! Too good for you, huh?” Every single detail in it including wires and packing are too damn good to be with a serial product. I would bet they were all hand-crafted.

When you load it first time, installer, MacOS X interfaces, effects, screen are as if they just came from an art exhibition.
Sure, Apple guys need to show wonders to back that price ;)

MacOS X made me remember Unix again, particularly by mounting disk images, filesystems, and hardware. Tiger looks and performs like KDE sold its soul to become what it desperately dreamed to be.

At the first shot OS X sometimes feels clumsy because of my PC habits, especially when you have your shortcuts engraved in your mind but after a week when almost all necessary software is installed and configured, I started realizing Steve Jobs was up to something with all those seem-to-be-unnecessary bells and whistles. First, I was even going to write somewhat negative review about OS X, but in the process of step-by-step Bill exodus I’m more and more sure that I’m not going to ever change this kind of performance and user interface tools back to the rusted path of micro-guys.