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My 28th birthday

Dec 15, '07

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Celebrating it with my best friend, Yulka. We are in a nice hotel room, away from temporary home and others. After relaxing in spa it’s cool to lay in bed and write stuff. Everything is nice :)

Mix work and play

Sep 15, '07

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There was a time I thought I had to work constantly to produce more. That’s it, you work more thus you do more. Nice approach but there’s certain human limit of productivity in a non-stop work session, also it’s not really how long you work but how hard you do.

To be able to work and to feel good about the results you need to learn how to take a break, period. To regain better vision, to have ideas coming to you, recharging batteries is crucial even if you may not feel so.

I found out that I can’t really go completely offline. The second (maximum third) day of not working would drive me crazy. Thus I like to go play with short periods of work in between. It’s all for good if you change environment during that. Nothing helps better than going to the nearest resort area and to have an hour or two online (thanks to notebooks and bluetooth). Which I did this weekend.


Question: Would it be most productive to work (and thus live) in the leisure environment permanently?

I hope you’re having a great weekend!