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Feb 25, '08

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1192108444_c9549b3db0c0.jpgПод впечатлением от просмотра фильма “Двенадцать” Н. Михалкова.

В начале, читая титры с именами актеров, я немного удивился. Похоже, что Михалков пытался собрать весь цвет актеров России. Через 15 минут просмотра я понял, что весь фильм и пройдет в этом школьном спортзале, задействованном для заседания двенадцати присяжных. И тогда же я понял зачем нужны были такие актеры. Иначе ничего бы не вышло.

Фильм захватывает с фразы взволнованного Маковецкого “Все-таки какой-никакой, но человек. Надо хотя бы… поговорить.”

Разговор длится 2 часа, в результате чего практически единогласное мнение присяжных меняется на противоположное. Самое интересное именно в этом процессе, даже финальная интрига блекнет по сравнению с ним. Каждый из двенадцати человек рассказывает свою собственную жизненную историю. Сценарий силен настолько же, насколько и визитная карточка этого фильма – актерская игра.

Еще один шедевр Михалкова, всем смотреть.

I am legend

Feb 21, '08


i-am-legend-bigposter.jpg Yesterday I came across “I am legend” DVD. In general I found it an “ok” movie whatever it means.

Now Will Smith shows something more than his usual funny bad boys style character. Somebody mentioned that the plot concept was the same as in “I, Robot” with a lonely warrior (Will Smith) thinking he should correct the human race fatal mistakes.

The movie has a couple touching moments like Smith asphyxiating his dog or talking to a dummy. It also has a couple blunders like infected dogs not being able to jump over a narrow beam of sunlight and purely technical shortcomings like bad computer modeling of characters and car riding empty NY streets.

The original novel comes from 1954. That has its drawbacks but I appreciated no blatant totally-happy-end. I don’t seem to like how movies like this end at all. You can’t heal a cynic.

Yulka said Americans ask for it. Too many movies about cataclysms, fatal epidemic diseases, attacking aliens (or Russians), something threatening the whole world and their country, as the heart of it. Well, it’s a somewhat safe bet that Hollywood figured out. People watch it.

Actually I’ve seen the movie before but I just remembered how great it was. An example of a desperate human being in total possession of their talent. Not really able to exist within the society bounds. Although delicately exaggerated, this is personage-pattern of the most genius people ever lived on the planet.

The feeling of dirty medieval France is thrilling. No romanticism but real-life co-existence of the noble and the poor. The irony is that this kind of approach is more engaging nowadays, instead of already irrelevant tourist-booklet-like sketched vision that old books are full of.

I suspect I’d better read the book also, it usually opens up great dimensions and details that are crumpled in a usual movie script. Even good screenings suffer from that, I don’t even speak about those screwing up the book versions. This screening is great as I see it, thus I’m putting the book on my dusty to-read list.

Stardust movie

Sep 12, '07


Last week by pure accident I and Yulka jumped into cinema seats to see the new Stardust movie.

What can I say. First of all, I’m long fed up with all the fantasy stuff going on. In my childhood I read a lot of fantasy books. To the point when every new book seems to be at least unimaginative. In my age I don’t really follow what’s there on the table because growing older I inevitably get cynical and sceptic everytime I see another fantasy movie TV commercial.

Stardust is surprisingly an exception. For some reason the plot is interesting, effects and decorations are well-crafted and you just want to keep it going. Robert De Niro isn’t specially exciting but Michel Pfeiffer shows thrilling playing. By all means go see this movie.