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37 signals about meetings again:

Meetings basically make things happen all at once. And that means you’re pulling a bunch of people off their work to have this “right now” conversation. It’s very disruptive for a bunch of people. So if they can communicate over a long period of time instead, it’s much better.

I think companies would benefit from giving employees a lot more autonomy and alone time to do their work. And then when they do need to come together, it can be more special and more meaningful. It’s like seeing an old friend you haven’t seen for a long time – it’s kind of a special moment for a couple hours and then you go break up and go back to your own lives and that’s fine. And that’s how we like to treat our work here.

For me all of that sounds reasonable except for the “old friend” comparison. You have to be “close” friends instead. A meeting’s usefulness drops dramatically with more people and details included – that’s the more correct point. You can afford to be “old friends” with colleagues when everybody works on a firm long-term plan. Which isn’t usually true.

Now that it’s half full of unused shortcuts, downloaded files, and temporary documents it’s really high time to turn back to the roots of asceticism. Not that I hardly find my way through all the junk (I find out that I don’t use desktop objects at all), it just makes me feel worse with every single thing I pile on there.

If people are pilers and filers in their nature, I surely am a piler. But I’m a bad piler because I don’t like to use search (what should be natural for a piler), I just look up for stuff haphazardly until I find it. No wonder I don’t always find things this way.


P.S. It’s probably a good idea to clean up my real desk top, too.