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Dec 15, '08


There’s one day in a year when you feel like a little boy whom everyone wants to please and entertain.

My 28th birthday

Dec 15, '07

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Celebrating it with my best friend, Yulka. We are in a nice hotel room, away from temporary home and others. After relaxing in spa it’s cool to lay in bed and write stuff. Everything is nice :)

Email address giveup

Oct 29, '07


I officially announce that I give up using skald@inbox.ru email address. Feel free to use a bunch of others.

ICQ change

Oct 8, '07


One day my ICQ stopped logging in with “password mismatch” message. No compromise, I don’t own my old ICQ account any more, at least temporarily.

After numerous unsuccessful attempts to reset my password at icq.com I gave up. This basic feature doesn’t work on the site. Shame on you, my Israeli friends.

My new ICQ number is 472-839-077, feel free to update. I stopped struggling for my good old identity. I’m no more the one you thought I was. Pale shades on the time thread we are, and our lifes are even shorter than our memories.