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One Sentence Story

Jun 15, '08

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My new work for OSS:

Before you deny my experience, leave home, and build your own life you sleep in my hands, helpless.


Dec 12, '07

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WriteRoom is a piece of software for writing.

That’s actually it. It’s dead simple and it offers you the most productive environment to write – blank screen with your text. No distraction, no “features” to clutter up sourrounding space. Imagine you go to a quiet closet with only a sheet of paper and a pen.

When I installed it my first question was how someone can sell such a minimalistic word processor. The answer came after 3 minutes of writing – because it works with you on the right vibe. In 2 days I found out that WriteRoom doesn’t only remove nuisance, it actually helps writing. I found myself easily getting through my usual writing hiccups such as not being able to write for more than 20-30 minutes, rewrites, and reorganization. A writer can understand how much this means to productivity, in some cases it can have boolean effect on the result – if the work is ever finished or abandoned.

Even for an occasional writer such as myself I found WriteRoom making big difference. No wonder that pros go for it. Putting WriteRoom on top of my must-have pieces of software to install.